88.3 FM & The Voice of the People

A Documentary by JT Tarpley

Executive Produced by

Sam Hutchens and Joseph F. Moran

Filmed in Little Rock, Ark.

Jan — Feb 2017

Since 1984, community-operated radio station KABF has broadcast diverse and subversive programming through a max-watt signal in the middle of deep-red Arkansas. In 2017, as local and national politics are in a rightward lurch, the station and its long-time volunteers engage with Trump’s inevitable inauguration, the first Women’s March, local tensions over MLK events, a hostile state takeover of public elementary schools, and, caught up in it all, the 80th birthday of its station manager, a beloved icon of regional radio and Black history. No-budget, heartfelt, and emphatically Southern, this observational documentary tracks two hectic, historical weeks in Little Rock through one of its most defining spaces. (108 mins)




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